What are backlinks?

What are Backlinks

Links to your website are essential for a high position in Google. If you have little time or patience you can buy backlinks, but is that wise?

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links to your site, so referrals on other websites to you. These links are essential for a high position in Google, and this is why: a cook may say that he cooks the best, but it is more credible if his guests do.

It works the same way on the internet. You can say what you want on your site, but a website gets more appreciation when others “recommend” it by linking to it. And because Google wants to serve its users the best websites, popular ones appear higher in the search results.

Backlinks are vital if you want to get higher in Google, but one link is not the other. Several things are essential here:

  • The quality and page rank (popularity) of the referring website
  • The relevance between both sites
  • The frequency at which search engines visit the referring site
  • Trackability of the link (nofollow / dofollow)
  • Etc

Linking to other websites is very natural, and search engines look at this. It says something about the quality and subject of the sites. If you connect naturally – so without the nofollow tag – to a similar website, you will also offer your readers added value.

Does it make sense to buy backlinks now? Theoretically, you would say no, because you cheat and put Google on the wrong track. Yet this “link spam” appears to still work in practice, and Google is not as infallible as she would like. It also becomes an ethical issue. Does the goal justify the means or honestly last the longest for you? The choice is yours.

Backlinks via Linkpartner, good idea?

Link pages are overview pages with links to “friendly” sites. Webmasters often make a deal for this: I link to you if you link to me. You can do this, but these links are not very valuable. Also, the linked pages must be on the same subject. A car dealer that connects to a cement manufacturer enter a different market, and your readers don’t get it.



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